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BTSA (BTEC HND) ACSE (Agricultural Farm Management)
Equine specialisation


Learn to run a horse farm or other production, manage a farm, accompany and advise farmers, be part of a commercial unit, create and manage events, industry management and economics specialisation, once qualified the student will have a solid theoretical and practical skill-base which will allow them to continue their studies or enter the work-place.


This kind of professional integration now passes through the acquisition of essential skills and techniques:

  • International scope
  • Development of a professional network through apprenticeships, real situations and international exchange.
  • Knowledge of the agricultural world





The BTSA ACSE (BTEC HND) is a methodological education program with strategic diagnostic, business strategy and project management approaches.


To satisfy these objectives, the following 2 major work axes will be focused on:


  • Study real situations over a period of two years, allowing the student to develop their own individual career and training path, as well as to specialise in terms of their own interests and to open up to new horizons.
  • This diversity allows the student to gradually construct their own individual project with a clear and calm vision of the future.
  • Students will have 3 months of overseas work experience, during which they will improve their language skills, develop their ability to adapt and observe new situations. They will also discover further professional methods and techniques.






Oral expression, communication, organisation and documentation techniques                                                                                174 h

Economic, social and legal sciences                                 87 h

English (+ preparation for the TOEIC: 20 hours)                                                                                                                                                    116 h

Mathematics and data handling                                      72 h

IT                                                                                     43 h

Choice of Sports activities:

                Golf or horse-riding (obligatory)                             87 h

                Horse-riding (optional)                                            87 h




Agricultural diversity and government policies                                                                                         90 h

Agriculture, Farmers - professional and rural environment                                                                                           40 h

Economic and financial management                                                                                       160 h

Social, administrative, legal and tax management                                                                                               70 h

Agricultural products and markets                                                          40 h

Agricultural business strategy                                                      30 h

The definition of an ecosystem                                                             90 h

Biotechnology system management:

General agricultural sciences                                                                         70 h

  • Agricultural sciences - Grazing crops                                         30 h
  • General zootechnics                                                                    60 h
  • Applied zootechnics (choice between (horse or cattle raising,
  • or other productions                                                                40 h
  •  depending on situation)                                                                                          Agricultural science/zootechnics interactions                                             30 h
  • Building an innovative biotechnological system                                                60 h





Mandatory module:

  • International cooperation (foreign work experience)                  43 h


Choice of one of the following modules:                              43 h

  • Equestrian event management
  • Setting up an equestrian centre
  • Organic farming
  • Farm produce processing
  • Food safety and hygiene





OBJECTIVE: Adapted to the student's professional project, allowing them to broaden their range of skills and obtain the keys to their future success. 

  • One half-working day per week to study real professional situations
  • 5 real professional situations over the two years:


BTS ACSE table




Main apprenticeship of 8 weeks in an agricultural establishment (choice of: horse farm or other).

4 week apprenticeship in a livestock farm (cattle, sheep or goat)

4 weeks of individual« open » work experience in a company related to the student's career project.

Click here for more information on overseas apprenticeships




Minimum of 12 weeks of classes in an overseas partner college


During the 2nd year of the BTS, all students take the TOEIC (English language test which measures written and oral comprehension abilities for professional environments)

Click here for more information on the TOEIC



Final year exams and coursework:


  • • 50 % coursework
  • • 50 % final year exam with:
  •      «French language and socio-economic culture» exam (Coefficient 6)
  •      Professional situation analysis exam (Coefficient 4)
  •      Apprenticeship report (Coefficient 8)

Essentially based on the main apprenticeship and all of the specific classes of the program with the main objective being the choice and justification of a zootechnics issue.




- Must have a baccalaureate (NVQ level 3) diploma




Vocational degrees, the Agricadre diploma, Engineering schools, University



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