College stables

Stables for the horses of our students

Students with their own horses can stable them at the PFE (Equestrian Training Centre).

During classes they can choose to ride their own horses or one of the PFE's horses.Outside of classes they can ride as much as they like.

There are no stable facilities at the Etriché College. Each horse is stabled in a box with saw dust. There are also, 7 paddocks available to horse owners. The boxes are cleaned twice a day by the students on duty. 2 rations of hay and feed are provided every day.

Each owner must take their horse out at least once a day (in the paddock or for a ride).Under-age students require parental authorisation to ride outside of classes. In this case (standard) back-protection must be worn as well as riding hats.


Owners can take private riding classes with their choice of instructor from the College. The cost of this is not included in the college boarding fees. These classes cost 20 € per hour.


There is a private harness room for owners.