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The Val de Sarthe College is ideally located between the cities of Le Mans and Angers.

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Val de Sarthe secondary school specializes in preparation for professions in Life Sciences: Services for persons, agriculture and environment, Equitation Sciences, management.

The school project aims at developing the openness and curiosity of students in particular at international level, implying training course abroad in all classes: collective training, professional training or course of studies in Europe or around the world.

Located in Sable sur Sarthe between Le Mans and Angers, the school is accessible by train, TGV and TER, on the Paris - Nantes line, shuttle is provided from the station to the school.

The school transport of Sarthe and that of Maine et Loire serve the secondary school.

Students can be external, internal or half-boarders. The internship is offered to the 4th grade to the BTS (Higher Technical Certificate).

Course schedule :

- For the 4th and 3rd and animal production courses :

from Monday 13:45 p.m. to Friday 14:40 p.m.

course on Wednesday afternoon except for the 3rd and 4th

(view detailed schedules under the heading "Links and Documents”)

- For course in Services to Persons :

from Monday 8:35 a.m. to Friday 16:45 p.m.

no classes on Wednesday afternoon

(view detailed schedules under the heading "Links and Documents”)

Transportation :

School bus service

* School bus line of the Departmental Council of Sarthe

For more information consult the site of the Departmental Council  72 :

* School bus line of the Departmental Council of Maine and Loire

For more information, consult the site of the Departmental Council  49 :


The Val de Sar secondary school is located between Le Mans and Angers. Sablé sur Sarthe train station is accessible by train - TGV and TER - on the Paris / Nantes line.

Student Transportation: a solution for everyone...

Monday: students arrive in Sablé by TER or TGV were we pick up and transfer them to the school at each train arrival until 13 p.m.

Friday : for students who leave the course at 14:30 p.m.:

- those who go to Le Mans or Paris or Rennes: we drive them to Le Mans by car.

- those who go towards the West (Angers, Nantes, etc.): we drive them to the Sablé  station.

After the students have completed their course at noon we transport them to the Sablé station at 12:45 p.m.

Catering :

Catholic institutions of Sable sur Sarthe, namely, high school of Val de Sarthe and the St. Anne institution have created a joint association, AGREST to manage the catering for all their students and staff. AGREST (Association for Catering Management) allows schools to be prime contractor for the entire catering: from the raw material supply, preparation of meals to serving of more than 1 800 students per day.

The central kitchen where all meals are prepared is located at Val de Sarthe secondary school and for other sites of Sablé hot delivery is made available.

At Val de Sarthe secondary school, half board is possible for 5 middays per week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday noon.

The boarding is provided 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening.

Students have the option of selecting the number of meals per week and to enjoy meals at weekends at attractive prices. A specific dining area is available to students and a kitchen allows students to prepare meals outside the opening hours of the self service (weekends and holidays).

IMG_0968   self

Accommodation :
The boarding school for students in the 4th Bac is open from Monday morning to Friday morning.


The student accommodation for BTS operates year round and is open from Sunday evening with the possibility of staying on weekends and holidays.

Hébergement BTS - Val de Sarthe internat

Dé'click association :

Students have their association to animate the students’ homes, extra-curricular activities.

Each year the office is renewed and new ideas emerge and new projects are implemented thanks to the dynamism of all.

They are guided by the staff of the academic life and the administration throughout the school year. 

Infrastructure :

The Val de Sarthe secondary school is located at the entrance to the town of Sablé sur Sarthe on an area of 10ha.
Main building comprising 5 levels:

IMG_0880  batiment

* The practical work rooms (health room, nursery room, pedagogic kitchen, laundry, IT), laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology) - Level -1

Salle santé (2)    salle puericulture   cuisine

* The self service– Level 0


* The BTS dining area - Level 0

salle repas BTS   Espace restauration BTS - Val de Sarthe

* The internship and the student accommodation - Levels 1, 2, 3IMG_0956   internat 1

BTS area with classrooms equipped with WiFi


Reception and administrative area with the relaxation area for students and office of secretaries, accountants, academic life, teachers, director and deputy director.

IMG_0931    IMG_0944  Hall

MRC – Multimedia Resource Center - documentary space available for students to consult professional journals and books, school books, novels or other daily newspapers. This area offers computers and WiFi terminals


Classrooms :

Starting September 2016 a new building will house all college (4th and 3rd) and secondary school (CAP, bac) classes. Each student has one classroom for the school year and it is the teachers who move to each course.

Acces principal

ETP – Equestrian Training Center - with various facilities

* The Club House with office of the monitors, saddlery, pharmacy

* 2 Outdoor arenas

* Indoor riding arena

* Boxes

IMG_0882  Sellerie - Val de Sarthe 


ETP offers boarding to horses raised and the students

Amphitheater : Where the supervised homeworks, exams, evaluations are carried out.