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The CAPA SAPVER - Community Care and Rural Services - is a 2 year NVQ Level 1,2 educational program, starting from 4th year, providing access to the Community Care sector.


The aim is to provide multi-skilled operatives for the following employment sectors:

• Community Care: in domestic or collective environments for children and aged, sick or disabled people.

• Tourist reception and sales: holiday villages, guest-houses, retail, local markets and shops, …




Applied educational methods: 10 to 12 h of applied courses in specialised environments.

Access to the professional working environment through activities in schools and old people's homes

Accompaniment of the student in their career choices




The program is organised into 9 modules:


5 general studies modules:

• French

• Mathematics

• Physical and Sports Education

• History-Geography Economics 

• English

4 vocational studies modules:

• Enterprise, Sciences and professional life 

• Scientific foundations of professional techniques = Biology, Socio-cultural studies, Social and Family economics

• Professional techniques and practices = Secretarial - Cookery - Cleaning - Health - Sales




To apply the techniques learnt and acquire a sense of professionalism in the face of the public, students will follows 14 weeks of apprenticeships over the 2 years of the course where they will discover the professional environments related to the two themes of community care and reception-sales.


Potential locations:


Community care: old people's homes, missions, kindergartens, leisure centres, educational establishments, homeless institutions, re-adaptation structures…

  Preparing meals, service  

  General caring

  Cleaning and laundry services



Reception Sales: holiday centres, guest-houses, camp-sites, small hotels, local shops, sale of local produce, …

  Product and service knowledge

  Client reception

  Product and service sales




• Coursework over the two years in the college for all the class modules

• Final exam at the end of the 2nd year: 20 minute oral exam on apprenticeship reports for the 2 professional sectors




Further studies…

• Bac pro (BTEC ND) SAPAT - Community Care and Service

• Bac Pro (BTEC ND) TCV - Technical Sales

• CAP (NVQ level 1,2) Working with children
• CAP, BEP (NVQ Level 1,2) Hotel, Catering and Hygiene


Preparation for civil service admission…
• Healthcare worker, auxiliary childcare worker


Entry to the workplace…
• Assistant operative in hospitals, old people's homes, homeless establishments, catering, laundry services…

• Sales assistant, hotel or guest-house employee
• Social work, home help




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